Sunday, June 29, 2008

10 Promises To My Dog

Akari fell in love with a puppy that had wandered into her house and adopted it. She names it "Socks" because its' paws looked like they had white socks on. Socks was a great comfort to Akari while grieving her mother's death. However, as Akari grows up, she gives less and less attention to Socks. Year by year, their distance grows, which also leads to physical distance as she moves to a far off city, leaving Socks behind to a childhood friend.

[Spoiler alert]

As expected, Socks passes away on her 10th year of living. And this is where you could hear people sniffing and sobbing in the cinema :P

The movie was actually very heartwarming and touching. It's not only about losing a dog but losing your mom or a loved one. Damn it this movie really made me cry. Especially in my case where I left my 2 yellow labrador retrievers in the philippines to find greener pasteurs here in Singapore - "Peaches" and "Bambi". Peaches is 6yrs old this year, that means 4 years to go for her... how truly sad :(

Aileen and Zach were sobbing like crazy hehe.. Aileen, my cousin, was really moved because her Golden Retriever "Sky" just passed away a month ago due to kidney failure. Sky succumbed to her sickness a few days after Aileen went home to Manila, so we all think Sky knew she was coming home and held on to dear life before passing away. We miss you Sky!

Then again I don't want to be carried away by my emotions because there were a few dull moments in the movie :P .. or was it because we caught the midnight showing at Cathay. For dog lovers like me, this movie is a must. It makes you realize there is more to life than the everyday grind and yearning for fame and fortune. You can always find another job but you can't find a replacement for your family.

For this truly heartwarming movie, I give it a 3.5/5

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