Sunday, June 22, 2008


I've always wanted to write a blog but just couldn't find the right time to do so. Food has always picqued my interest and the glutton in me points to writing a food blog. But I didn't want a regular food blog - I wanted a food blog with a twist.

Since watching movies & traveling are my second bestest faves next to food, I figured why not mix all three favorites in one collective blog. I can almost hear some people say what does film have to do with food, but the reason behind it is I want to blog on something that I would normally do for leisure. Like in my case, I would usually eat out before catching a flick.

Finally, the crazy idea of throwing in my documented weight-loss while gorging on endless food would definitely add in that twist. Thus the name, Food, Film and Flight.. plus Fitness.

But wait! There's another twist. Since healthy eating = Fitness, I will try to feature healthy food that's not necessarily fat or carb-free, but food that is the healthiest choice on the menu. Who knows, I might throw in a calorie-laden cheesecake every now and then (or maybe even more often haha).

I am based in Singapore, therefore most of the food I will feature will start from here. Naturally, as my bank account will allow me, I will blog more food as I travel along the way.

So here's a toast to my stomach and to the 4 F's! Like what Chef Wolfgang Puck says, "Live, Love & Eat"

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