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Fitness Blog #21 - Cohen Diet: Day 29

"Wall of Fame" at Cohen Clinic

Week 4 total weight loss: 7kg(15.4lbs) / 9.5kg (20.9lbs) since my heaviest!! Best of all, I have lost an amazing 5.25 inches off my huge belly!!!! #ecstatic

I can't believe I've made it this far! I am so glad I decided to start this journey. Who would have known that I could lose 5+ inches off my belly in just 4 weeks! I am now able to wear my work shirts which I haven't worn in so long because they were too tight. I am also using the second hole on my belt as compared to using the last hole just several weeks ago.

If you notice, I always post 2 figures on my weight loss. The first figure is based on the day I started Cohen. The second figure is based on my heaviest weight ever which was 2 weeks prior to the actual start of Cohen. That's also when I decided to go on a pre-cohen diet (no rice/bread/pasta/noodles) to condition myself. The Cohen Lifestyle Centre here in Singapore also registered another figure on my weight as they took my weight 1 week prior to start of Cohen. Too many figures haha. So I'm just keeping track of those 2 above to make it less complicated. If you notice, I also updated the weight loss ticker on my blog to show my actual weight. What the heck, no use to be embarrassed about it since my objective is to lose weight anyway.

My weight loss has slowed down, mainly because I haven't consistently followed the eating plan as compared to the first 2 weeks. I had my first consultation at the Cohen Centre last night and I confessed about my cheating. If they read my blog they will find out anyway haha. I was told that I could have lost more if I stuck to the plan 100%. But I really don't think I can do that for my sanity's sake haha.

The Cohen program is ALL YOU. No one else but yourself. No trainer, no diet pills, no shakes, no dietician, NOTHING. I was thinking the other day, gosh, Dr. Cohen (and the centres) is (are) making so much money by crafting a meal plan on a single piece of paper. The monthly consultations are honestly nothing but a short consultation to check on your progress. They just weigh you but don't even take your measurements. Yes you can contact them if you need any help but really how much can they do? They just remind you and encourage you (verbally) but in the end it's really all up to you. What a profitable business model!! haha. However, I believe the Cohen Program works mainly because it's structured. Yes the meal plan is just a piece of paper but it gives you structure in your "diet".  Plus, the monthly consultations force you to have progress or else it would be a shame to visit every month with no changes.

Anyway, I've said a mouthful. I'm glad that finally the fitness portion of my blog has seen the most activity recently, since I started this blog in 2008. Just about time.

I have come up with the following list, which I would like to call as Fat People Problems. Slowly as I shed off the weight, I hope to cross out all items on this list.
1) Bad Skin - breakouts and oiliness.
- (9Apr14) I am so glad to say my skin has dramatically improved. Plus, I no longer need 4-5 oil clear films per day to wipe off the oiliness on my face. I can now just use 1 film throughout the day.
2) Marks and Spencer is the only place I can shop for clothes in Singapore.
3) Shop for XXL or XXXL shirts.
4) Constantly pulling your shirt out of your flabs when seated (you know what I'm talking about!).
5) Never be shirtless at the beach or at the pool in public. Or always wear a rash guard to cover up.
6) Thighs that constantly rub thus causing tears on your shorts or pants (that area between the thighs).
7) Constantly pulling your shorts because they get caught up between your thighs.
8) Early in college when I didn't have a car yet and I rode the public jeepney, my seating space would be counted as 2 people. "Tatlo, tatlo pa!!! (tapos sakay ako) Oh isa nalang isa nalang!!!" (This is hilarious. My friends laugh when I tell them the story but it is really embarrassing.)
9) Always check the weight limit when taking the rides at theme parks (Oh yes, this definitely applies to me).
10) Always take the front passenger seat when riding a packed car. Shotgun because I'm fat.
11) Always stay in the back when posing for photos.
12) Always review your photos for the best "thin" angle before posting them on social media.

 I had fun writing that list hahaha. Stay with me on this journey!!! :-)

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