Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Heidelberg Harvest Festival

(This was a draft post I saved in April. Sorry for the delay. Here we go...)

There were quite a few groceries near our apartment in Heidelberg. One of them was Alnatura (see above photo). It was like an organic health food store. Naturally, almost everything was expensive so I didn't really get to buy anything haha.

The cheaper grocery store called Netto (photo above) was just across the street. And yes, this is where I bought most of my stuff haha.

Such a pretty neighborhood isn't it? Every time I visit Europe (not that I visit often), I always daydream what it would feel like to live in that sort of environment.. walk the beautiful streets going to work... do everyday chores such as grocery, etc... I still hope that one day I can live in Europe for an extended period.

Luckily, it was the Harvest Festival on our last weekend in Heidelberg. It was so festive! The streets were lined with stalls selling all sorts of things and food. There were probably at least 10 bands playing all sorts of music every few blocks.

Doughnuts looked pretty but no good. Too dry.

Even this gelato place had it's own DJ haha! So happening!

Luckily I got my cuckoo clock from Black Forest in Baden-Baden. It was at least double the price here in Heidelberg.

Snow Balls. My uncle tried it and he said no good haha. It was like fried dough covered in chocolate. Pretty but sinful indeed haha.

The best thin crust pizza!

This rap duo was extremely good. They deserve to be famous (if they aren't yet).

Yes. We were literally eating every few blocks haha.

On the way back home...

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