Monday, December 10, 2012

Vegan Burg

We pause for a brief commercial break before I continue with the Germany posts :-). 

Last week, we ate at this vegan restaurant called Vegan Burg. Alf and I usually pass by this restaurant when taking Bus 966 from Marine Parade to my place in Balestier. It's a neat restaurant very near the Eunos MRT and we were intrigued, so off we went.

I thought the windows were frosting due to the airconditioning inside but later found out they were fake frost as part of their christmas decor, not bad though.

Now I wanted to take a close up photo of the menu but I was afraid the staff would stop me, so I stole this quick shot - You know how some places don't allow you to take photos (like when I was in McDonalds in Germany, really McDonalds...).

I had the Creamy Pepper Shrooms (S$11.85 - with fries and a drink) - organic ciabatta bun, crispy yet juicy vegan patty with homemade cream sauce, topped with button mushrooms.

We also ordered a side of Crispy Potato & Spinach Pops (S$3.80) - golden brown spheres of fluffy potato goodness and healthy spinach bits.

Alf had the Smoky BBQ (S$10.85 with fries and a drink) - Organic ciabatta bun with wholemeal grains, oven baked mushroom patty topped with tomato, alfalfa and fresh onions.

Now you must be wondering what their patties are made of. I had the same question and luckily the photo above was right in front of our table: "Our succulent patties are made from mushrooms & soya beans naturally grown" - which I feel should have been written as "... naturally grown mushrooms & soya beans" hehehe :-).

The verdict: 5/5 stars!!! Seriously, one of the best damn burgers I have ever tasted! To think it's vegan! Both Alf and I were raving about it. My patty was crispy on the outside yet chewy and moist in the inside - much like an M&M that melts in your mouth but not in your hands haha. They didn't scrimp on fresh vegetables such as the lettuce, which is not your usual iceberg lettuce from most fast-food chains.

The bread tasted fresh and artisan, unlike normal mass-produced bread. The fries were also scrumptious - thick and probably home-made. The potato and spinach pops were equally yummy.

I am definitely coming back!!! And I'm bringing along people to join me haha. My twin brother is celebrating New Year here in Singapore as I won't be able to go home for the holidays (read:broke) so I'm definitey taking him here.

Great that they have 4 existing locations (the 5th one in Orchard is yet to open) - see the picture above. I can't wait to go back and try the rest of the menu!! :-P

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