Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Schwetzingen Palace & Gardens and Bismarckplatz

As per my intensive research (a.k.a. Google), the massive Schwetzingen palace was the summer residence of the electors Palatine Karl III Philip and Charles Theodore. I don't have a clue in the world who they are hehehe. History has always been my weakness :-P.

We just took a quick 45-min bus ride and found ourselves walking the beautifully manicured streets of Baden-Wurttemberg.

The gardens, as you can see from the picture below, are really massive. In fact so massive that massive is an understatement. Haha. Seriously, it was that huge.

Artsy Fartsy shot hehe

We found this group of Swans, which from afar we thought were fake. They were friendly and obviously hungry haha.

Isn't that just gorgeous? Can you imagine how the royalty lived back in the day? They must have ridden horses around these gardens and held grand celebrations and basked in the lap of luxury. Wow.

The sprawling gardens stretched farther than the eye could see. I am not exaggerating. You can scroll back up to the map of the gardens and notice that this picture above is not even halfway across the length of the gardens.

What makes it more astounding is the fact that the entire garden was manicured and landscaped. It must cost a fortune to maintain this place.

We all felt like kids again when we found this apple farm. Real juicy apples for your picking - for FREE at that!

An apple and an Apple :-)

Now of course all that walking made us massively hungry hahaha. We found this strip of restaurants with al fresco dining just outside the palace.

It was funny how the first waitress handed us the menu in german and we all acted as if we had a clue what the hell we were ordering hahaha - until my brother asked if they had an english menu, thank god!

The dish above is my favourite out of all the dishes we ate. Who would have thought you could eat sausages with lentil beans and mashed potatoes?? We filipinos love our munggo (green beans) and it tasted very similar actually without the soup. If not for this Germany trip, I never in a thousand years would have thought of eating beans with sausages haha.

Love that they always serve their coffee with a small biscuit. This can be your mini dessert actually.

Later that day, we went back to Bismarckplatz to feed our craving for shopping haha. I think I already mentioned before that the first time I met C&A was in Turkey in 2010 and I've always looked forward to our Europe trips to replenish my clothes haha. Europe has bigger size clothing (as expected) and C&A has a wide array of designs to suit both young and old.

Of course, we weren't used to seeing Mercedes Benz police cars but we were in Germany after all. We did visit the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart - watch out for that post :-).

Johann lost a lot of weight and I was envious he could already fit in XL at H&M. Jealous me just took his picture haha. Well, I still have my C&A. Hahaha.

Aaaannnd as expected, all that shopping made us hungry hahaha. I love that they had a lot of "gourmet" burgers at McDonalds. Seriously, we always make it a point to visit McDonalds in every country we visit. It's interesting to see how the menu is different in every country.

Well what do you know, the asian bubble tea craze has arrived in Germany. The time we were there, we saw a number of newly opened bubble tea shops in the downtown area.

I am not exaggerating to say that the best burger I have ever had, EVER, was here in McDonald's Germany. Seriously. In fact it was our Uncle Don who told us to try McDonalds as they tried it the night before and were raving about the burgers.

Next up is the Farmer's Market at Mannheim... :-)

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