Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guten Abend

Greetings from Germany! It's past 12 midnight here. I've actually been sleeping very early since we arrived last Saturday (like 9pm or 10pm) since I'm usually tired from each day's sightseeing. Tonight I can't seem to sleep since I'm probably anxious I won't be able to wake up for our 4:30am train to Paris tomorrow in a few hours. I'll be posting more detailed travel blogs soon after I arrive in Singapore so this is a just a quick one.

The flight coming here was a breeze. It sure was a treat riding the A380 on Lufthansa. It definitely was more spacious - both in seating and general space. However, what my friend said about only newer planes having "retractable" overhead bins wasn't true for the A380 - unless each A380 is designed differently. Immigration was also a breeze. The officer asked if I'm a seaman and jokingly said if I was lying when I said I'm not. Haha. I didn't take offense though as a lot of male Filipinos abroad are seamen and I felt he just wanted to start a conversation. Plus, a seaman is definitely a noble profession. I also noticed how they got rid of disembarkation cards. I've always wondered anyway what they do with these cards and if anyone bothered to check the authenticity on what you write on them. Good call.

It's been great awesome these past 5 days! I've never seen so many castles and palaces in my life haha. I'm always very thankful to God for blessings like these. The simple fact that I can travel with family is a wonderful blessing indeed. I'm always thankful. It always gets me emotional knowing what my family has been through and how blessed we are for having what we have today. God is indeed good great! :-)

The people here are super. Friendly and helpful (and good looking with their multi-coloured eyes). They don't speak as much English but they really try to help in whatever way they can. Aside from that one drunk lady who came up to us at the tram station one night while cursing us and giving us the finger, it feels safe here (though that incident really scared me, thank God my twin bro Johann was with me).

4 days to go before going back to reality. We sure will make the most out of what's left from this trip. My luggage is almost full from all the grocery items from Lidl haha. I can't say enough how much I love groceries in other countries. Johann and I bought hoarded whitening toothpaste coz they were 50 cents a piece haha.

Laterzz! :-)

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