Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Moving In; Q1 Observation Deck

Finally, I'm back in the blogging world. It's been so hectic the past few weeks. As you know (or don't), I've temporarily stayed at my friends' place for 3 weeks. I finally moved in our new place last Saturday but I haven't fully settled in. Minor things really, but they add up to the stress. REALLY.

My room doesn't have a cable tv point (it's not so bad actually). I don't have a wardrobe (BAD!) so most of my clothes are still in my luggage until my closet is delivered (thank you Ikea for cheap furniture). My bed is so firm (read: Hard) that I had to buy a topper, plus king size sheets since I've never experienced renting a room with a king bed (but yes I'm loving the king bed for a king-sized person like me haha). And some home appliances for household use. Minor things like I said but they add up to the expenses, and my pockets are really burned (BAD!). But I'm just ranting. I'm really happy we finally found a place. I moved in with friends Krizia and Lenin so I should really stop complaining.

Anyway, below are the last batch of pics from my Australian trip - photos from Q1 (meaning Queensland One) - Australia's tallest building. I'm flying to Germany in 3 days (yipee!) and I'm looking forward to visiting Paris for a day on 27th September :-) More importantly, I'm looking forward to spending time with my Mom, Stepdad, Twin Brother, Aunt and Uncle.

Enjoy the pics! :-)

There was an LCD display on the ceiling of the elevator to mimic the elevator shaft...


I actually learned there are more canals and waterways in Gold Coast than Venice in Italy...

Some photos from the telescope...

That's all folks! :-) See you in Germany!

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