Sunday, August 12, 2012

Guittard Mint Chocolate Chip Pecan Wheat Cookies

Today is a happy day! :-) After 2 days and viewing 6 flats, we finally found the perfect new place! I'm not sure if I mentioned it here before but our rental contract is expiring and my cousin bought their own place so I'll be moving out with friends in less than 2 weeks. I was sort of in panic-mode already as we really only started to look 2 days ago. I'll be flying off to Australia this coming weekend then the following weekend we have to move out so I'm extremely happy we found the place just in the nick of time. AND the best of it all is that it's in Novena which is 2 mrt stations away from Orchard! :-)

So since I just stayed in tonight (it being a Saturday), I decided to make full use of the remaining days with our amazing oven and to clear the pantry. Thus, I came up with... (drum roll) Guittard Mint Chocolate Chip Pecan Wheat Cookies! Hahaha what a mouthful!

The truth is we ran out of regular all-purpose flour so I had to make use of my cousin's wheat flour to complete the ingredients. I had to modify the measurements a bit as I didn't want to cook 6 dozen cookies (as shown in above picture). I managed to cook 30 cookies by cutting the measurements in half.

I downloaded the Betty Crocker app in iPhone and searched for "chewy chocolate chip cookies". I was lazy to clean my cousin's KitchenAid mixer if I used it so I decided to hand-mix with a spatula haha.

We also had some leftover Pecans which I figured why not throw it in as well. Only God knows how long those pecans have been in the freezer hahaha. But I tasted them and they seemed were fine, didn't taste rancid.

The mint chocolate chips were from my trip to Hong Kong in March this year. The brand name being "Guittard" - thus the name of the cookies :-).

It's always a pain to clean and wash all the mess especially big kitchen items like cookie sheets so I try to make use of parchment paper or wax paper if I have them.

TAADDDAAAA!! Seriously, not that I'm so full of myself but the cookies were really damn good - chewy and yummy! I was surprised myself as I sort of eye-balled the measurements plus hand-mixed everything hahaha. Ok, I might be showing off a bit hehe :-).

Believe it or not, I only ate 1 piece. Haha. It was very late into the night and I had pizza and pasta at Modesto's for dinner so I've reached my quota for carbs hehehe.

I packed them into sealed containers. I kept one in the fridge but who could be the lucky one to receive the other pack? :-P

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