Thursday, August 23, 2012

Flying Scoot and Feeling the Vibe!

Gold Coast was awesome! I will definitely want to come back - when money is no longer an issue hahaha. Let me start my blog posts with my Scoot and Vibe experience.

The flight on the way there was at night so I didn't rent the iPad nor did I buy food on the plane. I actually forgot to take my melatonin along so I wasn't able to sleep properly on the plane. But not because of the flight experience to make it clear, I just normally couldn't sleep on planes.

My first glimpse of Scoot's plane

Since my "ex-friend" couldn't make it, plus the window seat was empty, I was so damn lucky to have this entire row for myself!! While everyone was cramping in their seat, I was able to lie down entirely during the flight hehehe :P

Inflight menu

Inflight entertainment guide - for your iPad

Standard duty-free catalogue

Inflight magazine

My happy self hehehe :)
Overall, the flight was ok. Pretty standard but in fairness to Scoot, I didn't feel like it was a "budget" experience. The seat space I felt was more spacious as compared to other budget airlines (or maybe because I lost a little weight? hehehe). I guess it's probably because their fleet is comprised of Boeing 777s. I also love the fact that you could rent an iPad.

First time I've seen overhead bins that were not the usual lids - they were retractable which gave more height to the ceiling.

I arrived in Gold Coast early in the morning - I think it was around 6 or 7am. Clearing immigration (no questions at all hehe) and security at the airport (they are very strict! literally no food whatsoever is allowed into Australia) took at least an hour so I reached Vibe Hotel past 9am. I just took the bus from the airport to Surfer's Paradise (details on that in my next post).

I don't know why but I always seem to get lucky with hotels haha. Vibe was not bad at all! It was not beachfront but it was literally a stone's throw away from Cavill Avenue - the main shopping strip. Plus, there were 2 huge groceries across the hotel (Coles and Woolworth's) so it was perfect for budget travelers like me haha.

Pause for a vanity shot haha

I got upgraded! Plus they allowed me to check-in earlier since I got their around 9-ish. Talk about luck! :-) Thanks Vibe!

The room was very spacious - king bed, full sofa, dining table, kitchen, fridge, microwave, plates, utensils, the works!

The balcony was huge you could literally fit another bed. I regret not having been able to hang out here coz it was quite cold. It was actually very sunny with clear skies but it was cold at the same time. The view of the canals was also awesome.

Vibe hotel at night

It was admirable that they were eco-conscious but i'm not sure about spending just 4 minutes or LESS in the shower hahaha :) [see pic below]

Sorry for the mess - I just realized the following day that I actually haven't taken pictures of the bathroom.

I was happy about the decent toiletries...

Housekeeping was also perfect - I always came back at night with the bed and the room all made up (I would hang the do-not-disturb sign before I sleep so they don't knock in the morning and took it out before I leave for the day).

Full view of Scoot's Boieng 777 plane on the tarmac on the way back to Singapore.

For only $20, you could rent the iPad for your inflight entertainment. My only rant is that there isn't much selection for TV shows especially movies, plus the earphone plug at the back was a bit faulty - I had to plug it in a certain way for the audio to sound properly.

I got to watch "The Vow" on the way back and I was re-watching "The Hunger Games" when they took back the iPad haha.

Coming up are my posts on Surfer's Paradise and Dreamworld! :-)

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