Sunday, August 26, 2012

DreamWorld Theme Park

I miss Dreamworld! Luckily, my highschool classmate Jason and his wife, Jen, were travelling to Gold Coast the same period I was, so we were able to go together. It would have been awkward to scream shriek on the rides alone haha.

Since the day I arrived was Jason and Jen's last full day, I just freshened up at the hotel then we went straight to Dreamworld. Good thing there was a shuttle from their hotel, Chevron Renaissance, to the theme park (AUD 18 each).

This is what I love in other countries that we don't have here in Singapore - long and winding highways...

YEEEEEEYYYYYYYY! We've arrived! :-)

Big Brother was being filmed in the theme park and you could pay a fee to go in and watch the housemates...

I LOVEEEE the Tower of Terror!!!

That towering structure you see holds both the Tower of Terror and the Giant Drop - 2 amazing terrifying rides!!!

This was not bad... "motocross" rollercoaster...

Jason and Jen

Hahaha, I look slim beside Kung Fu Panda :-P

First meal in Australia... so damn expensive haha - AUD 13.90. 
Krispy Kreme glazed donut rules haha... :-)

First time I've seen squeezable  ketchup...

Look how tall the tower is!!!

This was the best yet worst ride!!! hahaha... The movements were so violent they might as well drop you to the floor from your seat haha :-)

Too bad we weren't able to ride this - Buzz Saw.

Dreamworld was really an experience. I had the best time! Theme parks are always a treat. Makes you feel like you're a kid all over again. Next time though I'd go as soon as the park opens so I can ride all the rides and maximize my time at the park. "The Big 7" is what they call their thrill rides - I was only able to ride 4 while Jason and Jen were able to ride 5.

Next up is around Surfer's Paradise and Q1... :-)


carlo joaquin said...

Shan, if only for this, gusto ko na rin mag Gold Coast. Hahaha.

Shan Abellaneda said...

book via scoot! :)

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