Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wicked Avenger

Here I go again with combined posts haha. It's a drizzly rainy sunday afternoon. While I'm waiting for my laundry to finish spinning, might as well catch up on backlogs.

A few weeks ago, we watched Wicked at the Marina Bay Sands Theater. Spectacular is all I can say. Some people didn't like it but I was definitely moved. I've never laughed out loud and cried in a musical at the same time. Haha emo. Glinda was the star of the show for me. She was hilarious! and her energy rivaled the energizer bunny haha.

"For Good" was an amazing song - both in lyric and melody. If your heart has been broken, this song will make you cry rivers hahaha. If you ever have the chance to watch Wicked, move mountains to make it happen. It is THAT good.

Meanwhile, I have been immensely enjoying my personal training sessions. I seriously look forward to each session. Luckily I have a really nice and friendly trainer. He calls me "handsome" instead of my name, hahaha wtf?! probably to motivate me and boost my ego. Unless he doubles as a male gigolo hahaha kidding. During the lenten season, I held back on chips, chocolate and soda. I'm back on that diet and hopefully for good.

Anywaayyy, the other night I saw Avengers in 3D (haha I am just yapping away here). Call me odd or weirdo but I didn't thoroughly enjoy it like most people did. Either I was tired as I worked a long day that day plus came from the gym to catch the 11pm showing, OR I am just getting old. I presume the latter. Hahaha. I really prefer movies with a storyline. Yeah I'm boring. As if you didn't know that. :-P

So what else... I'm renewing my passport on May 14. Will probably get it in a month (what else is new, even in Singapore, red tape in Philippine government offices is very much alive). Thereafter, I'll be renewing my work pass (which takes only a day, max 7 days for approval. Thank you very much Singapore.) AND THEN, I'll need to quickly get my Australian Visa for my trip in August. AND THEN, my Schengen Visa for my trip with the family in September. Goodbye savings hahaha.

That's about it for me. I wasn't able to attend my cousin's wedding last April in Batangas, Philippines (Sorry Alvin and Kath!) but I recorded a video greeting for them (with the MBS hotel as my backdrop haha) so I hope they liked that. That's one less trip from my travel plans but anyway I squeezed in Gold Coast in August so it's ok haha.

What is up with you my handful readers? :-)

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