Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Me, Myself and I

It's so hard to think of a creative title whenever I create posts (in fact, I think I already used the above title). Oh well...

Anyway, there's this new Singaporean budget airline called "Scoot". They are scheduled to start flying in late-June or early-July I think. As an introductory sale, they came up with really crazy promos - as low as $88 to Gold Coast or Sydney (one-way and without taxes I think). I didn't get to catch the $88 sale but I did manage to book a flight today to Gold Coast (last day of sale is today!) at an unbelievably low rate! Really, it's almost the same price as my ticket to HK earlier this month. I haven't been to Australia so I'm uber excited! :-)

This was totally unplanned but how can I resist a good deal haha. Anyway, going back to the subject - Yes, I am travelling alone. Me, Myself and I. Aside from the fact that my friends couldn't quickly decide like I did, I figured why not travel alone for a change. Honestly, I previously thought that people who travel alone are such losers. But come to think of it, travelling with someone can also be a pain in the ass. It's pretty hard to find someone who would want to do the exact same things as you. Plus, you always have to mutually agree on everything about the trip.

Besides, if you can't be happy by yourself how can you be happy with someone else? Sounds like being in a relationship huh? haha, but seriously, it is true. I realized I pretty much do a lot of things on my own anyway - more so in the past 5yrs that I have been working in Singapore. Yes I do meet friends on weekends or on occasion but majority of the time I eat alone, I do my groceries alone, I pay my bills alone, I meet clients for work alone... F*ck, I'm such a loner. Hahaha.

Seriously, I'm excited! For once, I can decide on my own where I want to eat, where I want to stay, where to spend my hard-earned money etc etc etc. Truth is I'm planning to make this a budget trip - stay at a decent hostel (and meet other people) and just keep the expenses low, especially since I'm going to Germany with my parents in a month's time from this trip hehe. I remember the first time I ever travelled alone was during a business trip to KL, Malaysia 5 years ago. But that was only for a few days plus it wasn't exactly a leisure trip.

So any suggestions? I'd love to hear from you guys! All 9 of you who read my blog! hahaha :-)

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