Thursday, February 9, 2012

Museumplein, Heineken, Delft, Hague & Madurodam

I just woke up from a 2-hr pre-sleep nap (hahaha) so might as well finish all these backlog entries... Day 4 of our Amsterdam trip was more of the city and south of the Netherlands. Picture above was at the Museumplein, where you could find the "I amsterdam" fixture. It was drizzling a bit which turned out to be good because we had the sign all to ourselves.

We saw this shop selling pastries and the yummiest waffles...

We were pressed for time thus the quick snapshot at the exterior of the Van Gogh Museum 
(the truth is we are "ignoramous" when it comes to Art so we wanted to save our euros for other expenses hahaha :-P)

We just walked to the Heineken museum from Museumplein... it's a short 15-min walk.

Again, call me ignorant but I had no clue that Heineken originated from the Netherlands - am I dumb or what??!

They explained how Heineken beer was produced... I wasn't really paying attention, I just wanted my free beer hahaha

CHEERS! Gulp...

Remember the commercial where the guys scream after opening a fridge full of Heineken? :-)

You could personalize your own Heineken bottle as a souvenir. The museum itself was huge and really worth the visit. We were able to use one of the tickets from our Holland Pass, which makes it really worth it. It was an entire building with several floors - basically everything you need to know about Heineken is in this building. Now, I feel nostalgia everytime I drink a bottle of Heineken hehe.

Next stop was a tour of South of Holland...

Sorry but this Delft Pottery Factory was a tourist trap. The prices were "exorbitantly" expensive.

I think I was probably the first to come out of that horrid factory. Good thing they had a river outside with cute ducks. Of course, my mom being the tender-loving-care-kind-of-mother just had to feed them hehehe.

Madurodam is like a miniature city of Amsterdam's highlights.

It felt so good to act like King Kong and pretend like stomping and eating the airplanes hahaha

Some Palace on the way to Hague...

Hague is the capital city of the South of Holland and is also the seat of the Dutch Government. Thus, all the foreign embassies are found in this place. We didn't get to go down but the tourist guide basically pointed out to the embassies along the way. I wonder if the Philippines has an embassy here?

This tour wasn't as fun as the North Holland tour to be honest. You could probably take a pass on this if you visit the Netherlands.

Next up is my favorite - Efteling Theme Park! :-)

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