Thursday, February 9, 2012

Efteling Theme Park, Netherlands

Efteling Theme Park was a "MUST" on my list. We had to take a high-speed train to 's-Hertogenbosch - it was around 2hrs I think. Now how the hell do I pronounce that train station? hehehe.

We left early in the morning so we made sure to buy some breakfast to have on the train...

Just as we finished our meal, this checker came and we honestly didn't know we were seated at the First Class section when we bought second-class seats after all hahaha... OOPPSS

Second class wasn't so bad haha...

Here we are!

There's a shuttle from the train station to Efteling Theme Park - around 20mins.

LOVEEEE their rollercoasters!!! :-)

I was happy I fit in the seat! hehehe. But seriously, I think their seat mechanism was different as Dutch (or Caucasians in general) are generally bigger than asian people. In fact, the Dutch are the world's tallest people.

Lunch time! We loved their bread! It was a welcome break from eating rice all the time hehe...

Shnackkk time!! It was freezing cold and we were eating ice cream! hahaha

High-speed indoor rollercoaster.. Just like "The Mummy" at Universal Studios Singapore...

What a sight to behold... breathtaking!!!

Ok, we've had enough of bread hahaha... We picked up these ready-rice-meals at Albert Heijn on the way back to Amsterdam. We ate this at the train platform and I bet we were the only ones who ate rice on the train that day hahaha :-P

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