Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Series of Unfortunate Events

DISCLAIMER: This is mostly a rant post so don't click on "read more" if you wish to keep your sunny disposition :-P

The Case of the Lunatic Lady

It was an awfully rainy Saturday afternoon and I was waiting at our bus stop, on the way to meet a friend at the Museum. The fact that it was raining (i.e. torrential rains) meant that the bus stop was crowded with people seeking shelter. This lady seated behind me (whose race I shall not mention to keep the harmony among my multi-racial friends [peace]) kept on saying "excuse me" and I thought she probably wanted to ask what bus to take to the mrt station or something like that. As I turned around she said, "I can't see the buses arriving, can you please move??"

You have got to be F*@king kidding me. As I didn't want to ruin my day, I just gave her "the" look (as in "f&ck you b@itch" look) and turned away while making sure my huge fat body still blocked her vision. She stood up, muttered some crazy lady lingo, walked in front of me and looked over her shoulder towards my direction to make sure I saw she was pissed.

Really? As in really now???

The Case of the Equally Lunatic Lady

Every morning, I'm used to squeezing in public transportation as people are madly rushing to work. Every now and then (or more often recently), there will be someone who is bound to lose their temper given the "stressful" commute to and fro work. "Stress" which is caused by any of the following sets of people:
- those who refuse to move to the rear of the bus or train
- those who insist to read the paper (or their iPad) in a crowded bus or train
- those who cross or slouch and extend their legs in a crowded train
- those who lean or rest on the handpoles in a crowded train
- and most importantly, those who refuse to brush their teeth or use deodorant in a crowded train (FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!).

And this morning wasn't any different. This lady (which now belongs under a whole new set of people - add to list above) kept on saying "excuse me" behind my back. As the train was still moving (and unless she was blind which I doubt), there was obviously nowhere to move my big body to in the crowded train. She said "excuse me" three times with incremental increase in volume. My blood pressure also increased three times in incremental levels. As it was early in the morning and I didn't want to ruin my day (yet again), I calmly yet sternly told her "Wait for the doors to open then you can pass through" - as opposed to saying "Where the hell do you want me to go, climb the effing ceiling??!!"

Really?? As in really now???!

The Case of the Lost iPhone

As you may have already known through my rants in Facebook (if we're friends of course), I lost Siri. Now there is no one else to blame but me. Not lunatic lady 1 or 2, but me alone. I was careless, very careless. I usually am very wary of my belongings but this time I was extra careless. The thing is I dropped it in the cab (I think). As I do remember taking a look at my phone before boarding the cab (and remember seeing that my phone was dead). I guess my "luck" with a series of misfortunate events was really meant to be as I remember taking a look again inside the cab to check if I dropped anything after alighting. But because it was dark, and the seats were black, and my phone is black, I didn't notice anything. Only until I got up to my room and realised the misfortune. Merry Christmas to the taxi driver (or the next passenger) as I didn't have any phone lock nor did I activate iCloud.

It's ok. Like I said, it's not like it couldn't be replaced (though I have no plans of replacing it). And at least it wasn't my wallet (not that I have a lot of money but more for the ID's). Good thing I still kept my old iPhone3G. I tried to sell it actually but the stalls refused to accept it. Too old probably. Thank god they refused to buy it.

So how was YOUR day??? Sure hope it was better than mine :-)

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