Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Best Ever Miss Philippines-Universe!

I said it in my facebook status and I'll say it again - Shamcey was the best ever Miss Philippines in the history of Miss Universe! She definitely represented our country better than any other philippine candidate.

I'm sure a lot of us feel robbed of the crown given that she nailed the Q&A, but it is what it is. At least, there is nothing that anyone can say against her on why she didn't win (remember Venus Raj' major major answer in the Q&A? no offense to Venus though I love her). I was also shocked Miss Malaysia didn't make it, she was smoking hot!!!

I think it's the first time in like 3 decades that the Philippines placed in the finals for 2 consecutive years. Plus, Shamcey got in the Top 16 on her own merit as Portugal won the online voting (Really?? Portugal?? I would think Thailand or Vietnam OR the Philippines would win that).

I wonder though why they took out the opening dance number? Maybe the girls didn't dance as well as the previous years that's why they decided to scrap it? By the way, Lea Salonga said in her twitter that the questions were pre-prepared by Miss U people and it was just assigned to her. That sucks!

Again, Congratulations Shamcey Supsup - Miss Universe 2011 3rd-Runner Up!

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