Thursday, June 9, 2011

Update: Yeah I'm Cheap Like That...

This is an update to a previous post...

I finally retired my trusty and reliable shoe bag hehehe. Well not exactly because I still use them for shoes haha. I almost lost hope that I wouldn't find the perfect work slash casual bag in Spain but I did! And thanks to Massimo Dutti :-)

I'm not exactly sure what it's called - is it still considered a messenger bag? But who cares, 5 minutes after seeing it in the store I knew it was the one haha.

Of course it doesn't look as nice on me as what the picture above falsely depicts hahaha. But I really love the bag. I think this is the first and only time I bought myself a not-so-cheap bag. Honestly, I have no liking for designer stuff as it doesn't suit my look plus I really am not a fan of designer brands. Anyway, this isn't really "expensive" and considered "designer" compared to the multitude of Pradas, LVs and Chanels you see on Orchard Road.

The bag up close and personal as seen in the pic above. I'm not sure actually if it's real leather because other brands using real leather are much much more expensive. Though up to now it still smells like leather so maybe it is? I hope so.

My only biggest rant is it's not even 1 month old and the stitching in the handle already came off. Or is it because I put too many heavy stuff inside? (I also use it for work which means carrying my office laptop, charger, files, etc.) I don't even know why they stitched that part of the handle. One way or another it would come off eventually. The other side is still holding up but I have a feeling it would come off soon if I keep on carrying my laptop. Darn.

Oh well, I still love it. That's how I want it to look anyway - Old, rustic and rugged.


eagel said...

how much you paid for this bag ?

Shan Abellaneda said...

Its €120 :-)

Edina said...

i just bought one from them too (a different one though). they're called messenger bags. what the hell they're awesome right? yours looks great too. i like the more worn and rugged it doesn't look sparkling brand new (weird right). anyway, post some pics of the bag on you. would be great to see how it looks like :)

Shan Abellaneda said...

hi edina!
yeah im loving the bag! :) its holding up even though its slightly damaged (the sides)... thanks for ur comment!

K said...

They're real leather alright, made more affordable by using smaller pieces of leather stitched together instead larger pieces like the expensive brands do.

MD bags looks great and well worth the price, but I do have some concerns over the durability of the stitches at the handle. They don't seem to be designed with heavy duty in mind.

Also the rugged zippers tend to ruin fingers from time to time.

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