Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sunday BBQ at Costa Sands Resort, Downtown East

One Lazy Sunday afternoon we decided to barbecue the day away. Zach's colleague had actually booked the place but couldn't make it the last minute so we happily took over (and for $20 bucks at that because of company benefits).

I decided to check out the room while Zach was getting the grill ready and I must say not bad. Pretty decent for a chalet room.

The bathroom was also decent. Not your typical 5-star bathroom but it was neat and clean.

My only issue was the walls were so thin you could very well hear the ruffling next door (or maybe because of the connecting door to the room beside us). Plus the top portion of one of the walls in the bathroom had a window-like opening covered with screen only, not even glass or window panes. Cheap form of ventilation.

Anyway, we didn't sleep there as it was too troublesome as we had work the next day.

See the yummy barbecue on top?! I am so proud to say it was the first time I marinated chicken for barbecue yet it was sooo damn good!!! hehehe.

I never knew you could cook sweet potato on the grill. I was wondering why Zach started wrapping them in foil and throwing them on the charcoal. All along I thought you had to wrap them in sort of like a pouch to steam. I was pleasantly surprised to taste them as they were indeed cooked with a smokey taste. YUM!

We also had shrimp, chicken cocktail sausages and fish balls - on top of the 2 kilos of chicken.

And Yes, we ate them all!!!!! ;P


Mary Kim said...

skewers on the grill. yum^ ^

if you want some kind of oriental sweet terriyaki taste use soy sauce(similar to kikoman), honey, some salt, pepper and chili powder for the base.

for the basic recipe, lemons soy sauce and garlic are also good i think, what do you prefer to use shan?

Shan Abellaneda said...

hi mary kim!
mmm oriental sweet teriyaki sounds good...

if i remember it correctly, i put in quite a handful hehe - paprika, chili, mama sitas bbq marinade, sugar, salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder, soy sauce and olive oil :)

oh and my friend taught me rinse the chicken first in salt and vinegar to remove the 'lansa'

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