Thursday, July 2, 2009

Coffee Club, Orchard Road

After watching "Transformers" a few weeks ago, we had a late night snack at Coffee Club in Orchard. We were going to join this 12-week weight loss challenge the next day (refer to Fitness Blog #7) so we wanted to have our "last good meal" haha, excuses excuses.

We were pleasantly surprised to find out the place is actually 24 hours open and boy were they packed.

Calorie-laden vanilla milkshake to kickstart an even more caloric meal haha :P

Jhun had this salad as he didn't want to join in on the pig-out.. What a party pooper haha.

My supposed "really huge" chicken sandwich. This is probably one of the worst sandwiches I've ever tasted. The chicken was so processed it didn't taste like chicken anymore, it was like a huge chicken ball shaped like a patty. Terrible. The chicken nuggets at McDonalds is better.

Rudz had the Alfredo Pasta. I just had a taste of this and it was just ok.

Vish had the Spaghetti Bolognese. I think this was the most decent out of all the dishes though it wasn't anything special.

(From L-R, Aihz, Vish, Mark, Rudz, Jhun and Moses)

Coffee Club was very disappointing. Aside from the fact the wait staff could barely speak english. I don't think I'm ever coming back, unless I'm going to have coffee and dessert. I guess they should really just stick to serving coffee as what their name implies.

My rating for Coffee Club-
Ambiance - 4.0
Food - 2.0
Service - 2.5
Presentation - 3.5
Price- 2.0

323 Orchard Road
Singapore 238892
(65) 6736 2081
Open 24 Hours

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