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Pulau Tioman, Malaysia

Last Mar 1-3, we had an unexpectedly amazing 3 day-getaway in Pulau Tioman, Malaysia. After much research on the internet, we decided to stay at Salang Beach - northwest of the island. As you see in the map, there are several beaches on the island much like Bali or Phuket and we had to make sure we chose the best spot.

So here are our pics and videos, Enjoy! (click on the image to make it bigger)

My version of packing light :)

The transnasional coach we took from Lavender Street - around S$35 for a 3-hr trip to Mersing.

It was pouring when we got to the Mersing Jetty Terminal, seems like the monsoon season wasn't over yet.

My first meal near the ferry terminal. We had to wait 2.5 hours for the next speed ferry to Tioman Island. Iv'e read elsewhere that the speed boat was faster but with this kind of weather I wouldn't risk it.

The ferry was pretty much empty by the time we reached Salang Beach, as there were several stopovers along the way dropping off passengers.

Finally! After 3 long hours on the water. Good thing the ferry was very comfortable with really cold airconditioning. (Take Bluewater Express-around RM70 two-way)

Monitor Lizards are everywhere

Based on my research, this resort had the best piece of beach in front of it which was indeed true.

Th very basic (and not so clean looking) bathroom. At least the heater was working and the water pressure was strong.

The even more basic bedroom. But it was very cheap anyway at RM100 (we got a discount of RM20)

The spectacular view from the terrace (our room was on top of a hill) made the big difference

We got there around 6.30pm so we couldn't really tell yet if the beach was that nice.

Our first meal for dinner (Salang Dream Restaurant - highly recommended). These were grilled chicken with veggies, really good!

We handpicked this fresh fish and had it cooked with onion sambal (RM20).

Nasi Goreng with Fried Chicken (RM4.50 I think)

One of the best Calamares I've ever tasted! It really tastes different when its fresh (RM 18)

There's not much of a party scene on the island so we slept quite early. The next morning, I took this shot of the clouds touching the nearby mountains.

Our hill-top room that looked like a tree house

The rows of restaurants fronting the beach

My boring tomato and cheese omelette for breakfast

On our way to snorkel and swim at Coral Island on the 2nd day

Look at the school of fish, I've never seen so many fish! And they were mighty hungry, they would pucker at your fingers when you feed them (we gave them digestive biscuits much to their delight haha)

The beautiful Coral Island

We hired a boat (RM70 each) to get to Coral Island and the surrounding snorkelling spots

Turtlehead Island

Back to Salang Beach

Would you believe these clusters of buildings are actually an abandoned unfinished hotel complex? We spoke to a local who said the owners weren't able to get permits for the hotel.. What a waste..

Beware of the food-stealing Monkeys!
It was hilarious, on our second day, these naughty monkeys rummaged through our trash bin in the terrace then stole our pringles haha

The other side of Salang Beach is actually very rocky. That's why the Salang Sayang Resort Beach area is the best of all

Pineapple Shake and Vodka Seven


Sauteed Fresh Prawns.. I wish they'd put butter and lemon when they sauteed it, it was a bit bland (RM 30 for 9 pcs).

Calamares.. Again!

Some Malay Noodle Soup Dish - this was really good. We never even tasted something like this in Singapore

Mee Goreng

Hanging out at the terrace at night. It was very relaxing and therapeutic with the sound of the ocean and the cool breeze

My Breakfast - Tomato and Cheese Omelette

Zach's Tuna Sandwich

The view from our terrace. Isn't that spectacular?!

What I didn't like about the bathroom was the "kampong"-style piping. The sink's drain actually led to the bathroom floor.. I tried not to spend so much time in the bathroom

The view of our room from the beach.. Room 20


On our 3rd day, we caught this monkey red-handed when he stole my cheeseburger and our cookies. The monkeys were so funny and smart, they really knew which food to take (See that yellow styrofoam packet, thats where my cheeseburger is haha)

Okay, I didn't know the rock was so hard to climb hahaha

The standard jump-shot pose

What's left of our cookies that fell from the tree when the monkey stole it

And there goes my lunch.. hahaha

On our 3rd day, while waiting for the speed ferry, it poured so hard I almost thought we were going to get stranded on the island.

Meat Sauce Spaghetti - my last meal while waiting for the ferry

Once we got back to the Mersing Jetty Terminal, we had to walk to the bus terminal and get a coach to Johor Bahru. The transnasional coach we took on the way here had very limited return trips directly to Singapore so we had to take another coach. From JB, there's an SBS bus service that will bring you into Singapore.

So that was our trip.. I really needed the rest and recreation so badly. Work has been just awfully stressful lately. On April, we're going to Bali then Bangkok! :-)

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