Friday, April 1, 2016

The St. Regis Hotel, Singapore

Super late post. This happened in  July of 2015 when my Mom and her friend came to Singapore for a holiday when their trip to Korea was cancelled due to the MERS virus that time.

St. Regis was awesome. The Filipino guy at the front desk also allowed us to check out late at 3pm the next day. Hands down, St. Regis has the most elegantly designed rooms I have ever seen. It wasn't cheap, but there were 5 of us who stayed over so it was ok hehe.

I made sure to find time to use the bathtub and watch TV from the tub haha.

(L-R) Johann, Uncle Fred (Mom's friend) and my Mom

Alf brought over some lunch, roti prata with curry sauce. Everyone loved it!

My Twin Johann (left) and I

My only disappointment was the pool, it was small for such a luxurious property.

My goofy Mom

Alf (background) and my twin Yo (foreground)

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