Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Fat Cow

Just thinking about Fat Cow makes me salivate haha. We finally got to try this famous steak restaurant early this month. We were ecstatic that they were on the Entertainer app! Plus, we were celebrating our anniversary so there's our excuse to finally eat here haha.

Their location is pretty obscure as I couldn't imagine how a sought after restaurant can be found in a hospital. We just recently learned that they are actually under the same restaurant group as Bedrock Bar & Grill, which is another famous steak restaurant in Singapore.

We were initially seated at the Teppanyaki counter but asked to be transferred for more privacy and to truly enjoy the experience on a proper dining table. Not being snobby, just our preference. :-)

There was another maze-like section in the restaurant where they had proper dining tables. The restaurant has a really romantic ambiance due to the subdued lighting - perfect to celebrate any special occasion.

I'm sorry for the poor photo quality of the menu as I reduced the sizes of all photos to make it blog friendly. Luckily, you can click here to look at the online menu.

Since we were using the Entertainer app, we just went all out and ordered the Iwate Grade A5 Ribeye - S$148 for 150 grams. Now I am no expert in steaks but I learned that Wagyu literally means "Japanese Cow" but refers to all Japanese beef. Now Kobe Beef, which is one of the most if not the most famous steak in the world, is one type of Wagyu which is from a specific prefecture in Japan. Today, there are US and Australian Wagyu so if you really want authentic Wagyu, make sure to get Japanese beef.

Hands down, we agree that this is the best steak we have ever had in Singapore. It literally melts in your mouth without that fatty taste. So tender and flavourful! It was great on it's own but the sauce that came on the side also complemented it well.

And because I'm so Asian I had to order rice hahaha. Their rice is no good though as it was dry. I can get better Japanese rice from my nearby grocery.

And here's another look at the divine piece of meat. So yummmyyy!! So goooddd!!!

The server handed us the dessert menu but we decided otherwise. And Fat Cow, please replace those dirty menus.

Anyway, truly a memorable experience. I will so come back as soon as I have the reason and the budget to go back haha. We spent around $100 each for the steaks, 1 serving of rice, a bottle of mineral water and after deducting the 1-for-1 Entertainer app promo. Very pricey. But well, great food comes at a price.

The Fat Cow
1 Orchard Boulevard #01-01/02
Camden Medical Centre
Singapore 248649
T. +65 6735 0308
F. +65 6735 7808

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