Thursday, October 16, 2014

Baking Etcetera

Earlier this year, I was on a baking frenzy. I just woke up one day and said I would like to make beautiful cupcakes haha. This was before the Cohen phase.

I was so happy with this Blueberry and Raspberry Cheesecake. I got the recipe from BBC Good Food, click here. I prefer using fresh than canned fruits as they look more colorful and vibrant. Plus, fresh fruits are healthier (to balance off the sinful cheesecake haha).

This was the first batch of cupcakes I baked. I struggled with the creamcheese frosting which is why it looks runny. Later in the blog, I will share with you how I "mastered" firm and "pipeable" cream cheese frosting. The recipe for the vanilla cupcakes I got from Bake Happy, click here.

Next, I tried baking rainbow cupcakes. It wasn't as easy as I thought. First, I didn't have enough food coloring. Second, when you bake them the colors tend to get all messed up. Oh well haha.

The recipe for the cake is the same as above Vanilla cupcakes. They looked pretty eventhough the cupcake wasn't exactly rainbow-ish haha. A lot of my friends preferred this cupcake out of all the cupcakes you will see in this post.

Here I baked traditional vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting. As you can see, the consistency of buttercream frosting is much better for piping. It's not as tricky as cream cheese frosting. Same recipe I used for the cake as above rainbow cupcakes.


Those cute cupcake toppers I got from Phoon Huat baking supplies here in Singapore. They have quite a number of stores island-wide.

Now I wanted to progress into cakes haha. One of my all time favorites is Carrot Cake. The recipe for this cake I got from The Harried Cook, click here. However, I didn't do the coconut frosting.

As you can see in the above photo, my cream cheese frosting was a bit runny. So I erased that by spreading the frosting all over the cake.

Frosting in above photo was much better although I would be making smaller rose swirls next time to make it more prominent. This was a really sweet cake with all the frosting but my friends loved it haha.

Here is where I finally perfected the consistency for the cream cheese frosting. I was ecstatic hahaha. Google really does wonders. I got the technique from here. Baking I would say involves a lot of precise methods. Who would have thought that creaming the cream cheese and butter separately would make a huge difference.

The recipe I used for the carrot cupcake is the same as above carrot cake recipe.

Next I tried classic chocolate cupcakes. I got the recipe for the chocolate cake from Bake Happy, again (click here). I love her and her website. You have to check it out! She has amazing recipes. I remember reading somewhere that mayonnaise is the secret to moist chocolate cake. I read it again in her blog and finally tried it. The cake was moist indeed! And you won't be able to taste the mayonnaise so don't worry.

Of course I made a proper chocolate cake using the same recipe. :-)

Now, Alf loves apple crumble so this was next on the list. I'm sorry but I couldn't remember where I got the recipe for this. Don't fret as apple crumble is pretty easy and you will find loads of recipes online. I didn't exactly like this recipe as the crumble was a healthier version with oats. I still prefer the traditional apple crumble topping.

Next were one of my favorite cupcakes - Coconut Cupcakes! I got the recipe from the Food Network, click here. Above photo is before adding the toasted cupcakes, not bad eh? hehe.

The cupcake was super moist and flavorful. If you love the taste of coconut, you will definitely love this cupcake. If I ever open a bakery one day, I will surely add this to the line up.

I almost wanted to open a home-based cupcake business and the above cupcakes were supposed to be my menu - Vanilla, Carrot, Chocolate and Coconut. However, my new job and life got in the way so this remains a hobby haha.

A friend gave us 2 big bags of pretzels from the US so I had to find a way to eat them. I googled and found a recipe for Cowboy cookies. Again, apologies I lost the link to the recipe. Basically, they are chocolate chip cookies with pretzel bits and oatmeal.

Finally, I saved the best for last. One of the best tasting, if not the best tasting cupcake I have ever made was this! Double Caramel Salted Cupcakes. I am literally hitting myself now for losing the link to this recipe. SORRY!

They were so good because there is caramel in the cake itself and the frosting. If you have ready-made caramel you can put another layer of caramel on the top. This was pure heaven!

So now you know why I can't go on a diet hahaha. Live, Love and Eat!

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