Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Updates, updates, updates...

I found a new job! Which is why I've been absent from blogging for some time now. I had to go through 5 interviews in the past few months so it was really a tough process. I'm very ecstatic about this new job! I feel really blessed. Praise God! I've been with my company now for 4 years and although I do have my complaints here, this job gave me really good work experience and this company is one of the best I have worked for.

Best of all, I get to go to the US of A for training!! So freaking awesome!!! It's been at least 16 years since I last visited the USA so I am really looking forward to this trip. My training will be in South San Francisco. I think it's 20 mins south of San Francisco. According to google, it's supposed to be an industrial city. Alf will be joining me for this trip so we plan to rent a car so we could drive around on the weekend and at night after my training. I can't wait!! :-)

Another thing that kept me busy was this singing contest called Karaoke World Championships. Each country basically holds their own local contest and all the winners from the respective countries compete at the world finals. This year will be in Sweden.

As you very well know by now (especially my Facebook friends), I never give up on my singing hahaha. Anyway, out of 40 contestants in the Semi-Finals, I made it as one of the 12 grand finalists!!! This is one of the toughest contests I have ever joined as I had to compete with local Singaporeans so I really couldn't believe I made it to the top 12. In fact, I already resigned to the fact that I was out, as competition was really tough. I guess practice really makes perfect and my experience in the many previous contests I have joined has helped me improve my singing.

We also got featured in one of the most widely read newspapers in Singapore. Now is that awesome or what??!! Hehehe. I guess when it rains, it pours. I am really blessed with my "winning streak" at the moment. God is Good!

Anyway, before I start my new job, I will be traveling to Manila for 8 days to spend time with my dear family. I repacked chocolates into ziplock bags so that each recipient gets a good variety of chocolates hehehe. Now I'm sure most of you are asking what the hell happened to my Cohen (hehe)... Well, I'm still at it. I haven't been very good but the great thing is I managed to keep off the weight I have lost.I still cook my Cohen meals and I've been trying to really be serious again as I know when I go to Manila and the US, it'll be endless feasts and tempation again (argh). Such is my fitness life. Oh well, important thing is that I'm happy. I pretty much don't eat rice anymore so that's a great improvement. I guess I will just take it slowly but surely.

So that's about it for me. I have a lot of backlog on blog posts. I haven't even updated about my Dubai trip last April. I need an assistant. Hahaha.


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Petite Momma said...

Happy for you, Shan! :)

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