Friday, May 2, 2014

Fitness Blog #22 - Cohen Diet: Day 53

Wow, I can't believe it's almost 2 months since I started Cohen. Sorry I didn't update for the past few weeks regarding my progress as I was in Dubai from 12th to 20th April.  

Confession: I let go in Dubai. The food was too good and I was in a festive mood so I just put Cohen on hold. In fact I was so sure I gained a lot of weight during that period so I was surprised to know I only gained 0.8kg when I got back haha. Probably because I still had some restrain in Dubai. I mostly shared meals with Alf. Good thing is I managed to lose the weight I gained  as soon as I got back and even more on the succeeding weigh in.

As of 30th April, I have lost a total of 8.8kg/19.36lbs (11.3kg/24.86lb since my heaviest). I'll take it!!! I know I could have lost more but honestly I am not bothered at all. I am happy I am consistently losing weight every weigh in despite my cheating. I have never posted any weight gain (so far). That is a little over 1kg per week and I am only on my 7th/8th week. If I keep up the pace, by the end of Cohen, I would have lost at least 24kg. My goal weight of 80kg (set by Cohen) is honestly a little too thin for me. I will still keep it in my ticker just so that I know how far away I am from my "goal" weight but I will be happy with 100-110kg. Still overweight, probably even obese by technical standards, but this was my weight before coming to Singapore. I could wear 36 inch jeans that time and a size Large/XL shirt. I am happy with that. I don't think I will ever be thin. Fact is I love food.

What I learned through Cohen is that you can still eat all the food you want but in moderation. As long as you watch your food intake most of the time, it is totally OK to deviate and give in to cravings once in a while. Great emphasis on "once in a while". That would probably be my takeaway from the Cohen Program. Honestly, the Cohen consultants don't really do much which is why I am now a bit lazy to attend the monthly consultations. The work is all by yourself and no one else. They can give you advice or what but those are all words. The action is all by yourself.

I am so proud of the weight I have lost so far. No tricks, no shakes, no pills, no trainer, no teas nor laxatives, and minimal exercise. Just plain diet. Food was (and is) my medicine. This 6-month program will hopefully change my eating habits and lifestyle. Maintenance is the hardest part after all.

Next week, I will be in Cambodia with friends for 5 days. I am not as scared anymore to travel while on Cohen. Wish me luck! Stay on this journey with me! :-)


the CEREAL killer said...

Hi shan, I'm interested in finding more about the cohen diet and have been inspired by your posts. I would like to find out from you after losing all the weight, and at the end of the program when you stop eating self-prepared & weighed meals, did you gain back the weight?

Your reply would mean the world to me. Thanks :)

Shan Abellaneda said...

@theCEREALkiller - I'm not really the best role model when it comes to diets haha but im glad you read the blog. Cohen takes a lot of determination and discipline most importantly. Aside from the fact that u have to be dedicated and have the time and resources to cook your meals. Unfortunately for me I wasnt able to finish the program and hit my target and yes I gained the weight back. No one else to blame but myself. I live overseas with no maid which makes it so hard for me to consistently prepare and cook my food. It's not an excuse but its a fact for me. Again, I blame only myself. Right now I am just reducing my overall intake with not much restriction like Cohen. I know with a change of lifestyle instead of diet, I can be more consistent :-)

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