Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mannheim Farmer's Market & Schloss Mannheim

Happy 2013! I was consumed by the holidays that I couldn't get on with my blog posts. I wasn't able to go home to the Philippines this time but it's ok. My brother was here on the week of New Year so we celebrated New Year's eve at my cousin's new flat here in Singapore.

I also recently met Instagram haha - another distraction from updating this blog. Like what older people say about this generation, there's just too much going on. Sometimes I reminisce the days when life was simple and a book or a toy kept me happy. Oh well, times have really changed. For the better I guess.

Anyway, like I said on Facebook, I hope we are wiser, kinder, and better in appreciating the people and things around us that truly matter in this new year. Looking back at 2012, I feel really blessed. I may have lost some loved ones but gained new friends and even loved ones as well.

Now back to regular programming... Day 4 of Germany was in Mannheim. With about 315,000 inhabitants, Mannheim is the second-largest city in the Bundesland of Baden-Württemberg, following the capital city of Stuttgart.

What I love about Europe is that even their train stations are a landmark itself. Really. Look at how majestic and beautiful their train station is.

It was a short walk to the main plaza leading to the Farmer's market. Mannheim felt different from Heidelberg - more urban, and city-like, not surprisingly.

I fell in love with the Farmer's market. It was just magical. Like my personal Disneyland haha. I really wish we had something like this in Singapore, like the Salcedo Market in the Philippines (which I haven't gone to, bummer).

Look at the freshly baked bread and pasta noodles in all shapes. Yummers! I love the home-cooked and organic feel of the food and the market.

Chorizo for your Paella! :)
Humongous Strawberries! and cheap at that!
All sorts of spices and powdered seasoning...
Organic Yogurt with Raspberries.. NYOM!!

Oddly-shaped vegetables...

We found this chocolate store called Hussel which I have never heard of, not sure though if they are famous in Germany or Europe. Anyway, the store looked really inviting so of course we had to try haha.

We had a short coffee (and pastry) break before heading out to the Grocery which was right across the Farmer's market. It rained a bit so it was a good time to rest and people watch :-).

This was inside the grocery. I love how the bread was freshly made and organized in racks where you could pick yourself. My cousin Aileen would love this grocery.

And what do you know, another afternoon snack haha. I have a feeling a business like this in Singapore would fly. Much like Old Chang Kee with all the fried food but westernized. It was good actually! but really unhealthy haha, look at that huge glob of mayonnaise!

After all that food for our tummy, we went to the Schloss Mannheim to feed our minds with culture and history for a change haha. Unfortunately, pictures weren't allowed inside the museum. This is part of the university, if i'm not mistaken, thus there were a lot of students.

On the way back to Heidelberg, we saw a lot of people carrying this pocket pizza at the train station so we had to try it. Not good actually. Yes it was handy and convenient but the pizza bread was soggy.

At our temporary home, mom cooked dinner. Yum! The sausages and beans were bought by Aunty Beni at the university cafeteria in Mannheim. Nothing beats good old home-cooking with tender loving care! :-)

Next up is Baden-Baden! :-)


Sarah said...

Your blog is wonderful! Just what I needed for research before my trip to Stuttgart. Thanks for the lovely photographs.

Shan Abellaneda said...

Thanks Sarah! :) Enjoy your trip!

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