Thursday, January 24, 2013


Day 5 was our much anticipated trip to Baden-Baden. Initially I had no clue what this town was all about but when I learned that Black Forest cake and the Cuckoo clock originated from here, I was more than excited :-).

Haha vanity shot...

My apologies but I couldn't remember anymore what exact train route we took to get there. The self-service ticket machines at the train station are quite easy to use - as in you just need to select where you are and where you want to go and the ticket would tell you how exactly to to get there (i.e. what train platform, what time, where to transfer, etc).

My beautiful mom...
Artsy shot inside the train...

This was a train stopover in I-can't-remember-where. Of course we had to fuel up haha.

They should have double-decker trains here in Singapore to accommodate the ever-growing population and over-crowded trains (especially during rush hour).


This was at the final stop. At first, I was boggled on how to get inside the restroom as it was locked (though I could see people inside). I realized that it was a paid restroom (see photo below).

No PAY No PEE! haha

We've arrived! This is the picturesque pretty town that is called Baden-Baden!

Baden-Baden is a spa town in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is located on the western foothills of the Black Forest region - best of all, home of the Cuckoo clock and Black Forest cake! 

I have no idea what Mom was looking at...

Beautiful people in a beautiful town
I love this shot!

I was literally in awe of this town. It's so picture-perfect it's jaw dropping. I love the quaint shops and narrow alleys. The colourful art deco buildings and architecture. Everything.

While walking around, we chanced upon this pretty looking patisserie. All the cakes and pastries looked so scrumptious so we made sure to come back here later in the day.

Their macadamia chocolate with fleur-de-sel salt was to-die-for! I should have hoarded those!

Further down one of the alleys we saw this shop with a long queue. They sold 1-euro meatloaf sandwiches that were quite good. Yum!

Hands-down one of the most beautiful McDonalds I have ever seen. Ever. Haha.

Back at the patisserie we made sure to order, what else, Black Forest cake!!! Droooollll....

baden baden
What beautiful classy interior...

We ordered another uber-delicious cake - chocolate mousse I believe. If only I could, I wanted to try all the cakes in this shop! haha.

If I open up my own pastry shop one day, I will make sure the packaging is as pretty as these. The designer for this shop was spot on.

The packaging looks very TWG...
baden baden
Me and the shop owner
I was having second thoughts about buying a cuckoo clock as the cheapest one (photo below) was 99 euros (gulp) but I figured I probably won't be coming back to this place anytime soon or probably even ever, so I got one anyway.

My first (and last) cuckoo clock :-)

There are only 2 shops in baden baden (as we were told) that sell authentic cuckoo clocks but this place was more well-known.

My mom collects dolls so she got one for herself. Johann actually bought her another one which turned out to be the exact same one but good thing the kind shop owner allowed to change it.


Back home was more of mom's home cooking - schnitzel, fish fingers and mashed potato. Nothing like a nourishing meal to cap a wonderful day. :-)

Next up is PARIS!!!


Brandi Heinecke said...

Hello, just wanted to say thanks becuase my friend was visiting from the states this week and needed to find a cuckoo clock. I couldn't find any information on shops selling them in Baden-Baden except for on your blog. She bought one today from the same store!

Shan Abellaneda said...

Hi Brandi! Sorry for the delayed reply. You are most welcome! Glad to help!

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