Thursday, December 22, 2011

Video Diary - Fractional co2 Laser Treatment

Sorry this video diary is all about my HUGE face haha! Anyway, as I mentioned in the video, I'll be documenting my fractional c02 laser treatment. I'm uber excited about it! I'm at the office now and all I can think about is going through the laser this afternoon. Zap those scars away! hehehe.

I'm doing the treatment with David Loh Surgery (Aesthetic Clinic). You can go to his website by clicking here. I really hope the procedure goes well and it's worth the price. My Fraxel Restore laser treatment with Belo in December last year (not early this year as I mentioned in the video) was basically useless. My face didn't even turn red apart from the wounds due to the "manual" subcision the doctor performed (and based on my research plus what David Loh said, subcision is not really effective plus it is painful). Moreover, I hated the fact that you HAD to buy their medicine or else they won't do the laser treatment on you - what a marketing fraud.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to my flight tonight to Manila. I haven't been home since March this year (which I know compared to other OFW's isn't really that long). There's really something about Christmas in Manila despite traffic being horrendously terrible. I can't wait to try out the newly opened food joints like Jamba Juice and the night markets haha.

Again, Happy Holidays to one and all!


cass said...

Hey how are the final results of the laser treatment coming along? Eager to know because I'm considering it as well:) May I know how much it costs too? thanks!

Shan Abellaneda said...

hi cass! the laser is S$1050 plus meds S$230. I'll be posting my progress soon in youtube :) please view my youtube channel

Anonymous said...

Hey bro. I hope your CO2 treatments went well. I am going in for a consultation soon and was wondering what kind of results you got? I had the non-ablative laser treatment done 6 times with barely any improvement and 1200 USD down the drain. Any advice?

Shan Abellaneda said...

hey drew, r u going for consultation with david loh as well? or are u based elsewhere? ive only had one treatment so far so the results are not dramatic but i did notice some improvement, as well as some of my friends who've seen me :) im planning to go for another one in 1-2 months time :)

Anonymous said...

Oh right on Shan. I am actually out here in California. I have seen many of your youtube videos after your treatment and your skin looks so much better. I hope to have results like yours. I think my scars are pretty shallow but they are driving me crazy!

Shan Abellaneda said...

haha thanks drew. i have yet to post a post-op video diary about it but i will soon. or maybe right before i get the 2nd treatment. are u filipino too? im sure u can find great doctors/clinics there as well. I mean, california is the land of hot people haha.

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