Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cut by Wolfgang Puck

When you ask "where is the best steak in Singapore?", most people will probably mention "Cut" by Wolfgang Puck at the Marina Bay Sands Mall. So that's where we went last July :-).

This place can be extremely booked so make your reservation a few weeks or even months ahead. We were lucky we went on a Tuesday so we were able to get a slot for Dinner. If I remember correctly, they have 2 slots for dinner and we got the later one.

The area in above photo serves as a waiting area while they prepare your table. You can order drinks while waiting here.

I was perusing the drink list and chanced upon the $13K bottle of red wine. Anyone? hahaha.

The photos look dark as the place was really dark. What is it with steak and dark lighting? Haha.

The assortment of complimentary bread was to die for! Seriously! I will go back to Cut just to stuff myself silly will all the bread hahaha. It was so hard to resist eating the carbs to make space for the steak but they were that good. Most of all, it was FREE! hahaha.

The round pretzel bread in above photo was the BEST! Even our assigned waiter said he couldn't stop eating those haha.

Prior to going to Cut, I wanted to see the menu and had a hard time looking for it on blogs so I made sure I took a photo for other people's reference :-). You're welcome! hehe.

For appetizer, we had the prawn cocktail with wasabi panna cotta, celery salt, avocado mousse and yuzu citrus. In short, this was very good!

We got carried away and ordered too much. If only we knew they would serve so much bread, we would have done away with this. We got the onion rings and the white cheddar mac n cheese. Overload really. We will not do this again haha. Also, Alfian liked the mac n cheese at Bedrock better than the one here, he said it was too cheesy.

We ordered the Australian Angus Porterhouse steak for two. I'm so sorry, the above photo is so dark the steak is no where in sight haha. I've never had anyone carve a steak for me, this fine dining experience was a first for me.

There was an assortment of sauces that came along with the steak but again, I think the steak in itself is the star of the show. The steak alone was super good on it's own. No exagg but probably the best steak I have ever had!

Look at that perfectly cooked chunk of meat! I am drooling while typing this. Yummy! #foodporn

Definitely a memorable experience! I will make sure to bring my family here when they visit. They can get full with the bread so we can share a steak haha. Naturally, the place was expensive. Expect to pay at least S$150-200 per person. We didn't even order any drinks so alcohol drinkers will spend much more.

B1-71, Galleria Level
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands 
(next to the Theatre)

Main Dining Room:
Sunday - Thursday 6:00pm - 10:00pm 
Friday - Saturday 6:00pm - 11:00pm

CUT Bar and Lounge:
Monday - Sunday 5:30pm - 12:00am 

Smart casual

Telephone: +65 6688 8517

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