Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lau Pa Sat, Boon Tat Street

Built in 1894, Lau Pa Sat is the largest remaining Victorian filigree cast-iron structure in Southeast Asia. Located in the heart of Singapore's business district, the former wet market has been restored and is now a favourite food centre of the locals, offering a wide and affordable variety of local food (lifted from

It was actually a very late saturday night when Zach and I decided to meet up and head over to Lau Pa Sat. He was craving for Satay while I was bored and feeling stagnant at home. I wasn't actually sure if they were open that time (11.30pm) but we tried our luck anyway. Lo and behold, they're open 24 hours. Hallelujah! hehe.

I remember the very first time I went to Singapore back in 2006, I first ate at Lau Pa Sat. I always love the idea of outdoor dining on a cool clear night and Lau Pa Sat is the perfect setting - plus it's in the middle of the bustling city centre.

For appetizer we ordered "Chicken Wings" (S$1.50 each). Quite expensive for chicken wings but this is Lau Pa Sat after all, where prices are mostly meant for tourists. I would have wanted the wings a bit more roasted and burnt.

Then we ordered "Beehon Goreng" (S$4) - malay-style stir-fried noodles. Not bad but nothing special either.

Finally, we had "Satay" (S$12 per 20 pieces)- combination of mutton, beef & chicken. I haven't had good satay in a long time and this was a very good comeback haha. That peanut sauce is a must with Satay (though the obvious floating oil is a definite no-no but what to do?! :-P).

Finally finally (haha), when we were just about to leave when Zach saw this indian stall selling his favorite indian crepe. So he just had to have some.

Would you believe that this stall doesn't have any prices??! Meaning you just pay as you wish, depending on how much you value the food. Honesty System in short. I was really amazed. I mean if you do this in the Philippines your business will go bankrupt in a day, or maybe even in an hour. So Zach paid S$1.50 for the crepe. Zach told me even the main restaurant of the same stall also doesn't have prices. This can only work in Singapore I tell you.

So no rating for Lau Pa Sat because there's so many stalls in this place and we didn't really eat a lot to give a fair rating. Besides, I really don't know from which stall our food comes from because the different servers will scramble for your business once you get there.

After a hearty meal, we strolled around the city from Lau Pa Sat to Clarke Quay to burn away the calories, hehe.

Location: Boon Tat Street

Getting There: Take the MRT to Raffles Place Station (EW14/NS26) and walk towards Robinson Road.
OPEN 24 hours
"Live, Love & Eat!"


badet said...

I miss Singapore after seeing your photos. The food in the hawkers in Singapore is just as yummy as the ones in the restaurants. =)

Shan Abellaneda said...

thanks badet! :) keep on visiting the blog to see more of singapore and, as i say, spread the f-word (no pun intended) hehe

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